Peekaboo Nursery and Childcare Edinburgh


Yearly Plan 2014-2015

August 2014 September 2014 October 2014 November 2014 December 2014 January 2015

Review of Policies and Procedures


Cold Packed Lunch required for

Summer Programme


Rasksha Bandhan

Hindu Festival of Friendship -10th August


New children settling in all rooms


Care Inspectorate online self evaluation



Staff Professional Development Reviews


Completion of yellow forms for Pre-School Funding


NAMS submission


Transitions and new beginnings


Staff CPD Meeting     10th September

6pm -7pm


Tempest Photographers  – St Kentigerns Church Hall from 9.30 am on 15th September



Rosh HaShanah – Jewish festival – 25th September



Harvesting nursery vegetables from the garden





Wobblies : PLP to be at nursery for 20th October for checking



Halloween –31st

children may dress up



Babies Parents Evening  week beginning





Staff CPD training   11th November

6pm -7pm


Parents Evening for Juniors – week commencing 3rd  and 10th November


Parents Evening for Wobblies week commencing 17th November



Guy Fawkes Night -5th

Divali – Festival of light   November


St Andrew Day 30th November


Anticipated arrival of Preschool funding – codes required


Parents Evening for Babies– week commencing  1st December 2014


Juniors Christmas Party– Tuesday 2nd December 10 am – 12am @ St Kentigern’s Church Hall


Staff CPD Training – 4th December


Wobblies and Babies Christmas Party – Thursday 4th December 10am -12am


Nativity Play in St Kentigerns Church Hall Friday 19th December  at 11am


Nursery closes at noon on Friday 19th  December after the Nativity


Staff Training – 5th January 2015 –Child Protection Training & Dance in- service


Nursery re-opens on the 6th January 2015


Care Inspectorate  – Annual Return submitted


Staff Professional Development , six month check up January 2015


Chinese New Year 31st Jan


February 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 June 2015 July 2015

Staff CPD Training February 2015

6pm – 7pm


Valentines Day 14th February 2015



Review of Staff Roles And Remits



Anticipated arrival of Preschool funding – codes required




Early Years Conference



Mothers Day – 30th  March



Planting Bulbs and Seeds



Welcoming Spring



Festival of Holi – March 6th 2015


Babies Parents Evenings week beginning 16th March


Staff CPD Training – Monday 21st   April 2015


Celebration of Easter 20th April 2015.


Please bring in hard boiled egg for rolling



Planting Bulbs and Seeds



Wobblies Parents Evening week beginning 6th   April



Anticipated arrival of Preschool funding


Budhha Day – Vesak   1st June


Tempest Photographers- 22nd

for school leavers


Transition/ Summative Reports- records completed on the 5th



Juniors Parents Evening week beginning 11th and 18th May


Primary One School Visits


Staff CPD Training   June 2015

6pm -7pm


Budhha Day – Vesak   1st June



Juniors and Wobblies Summer Outings



Graduation Ceremony 9th June at 9.00am



Commence Standards and Quality Improvement Plan



Sampling children and parents views


Father’s Day 14th June


Summer programme – please provide packed lunched during the summer months

Islamic –Ramadan July 2015