Peekaboo Nursery and Childcare Edinburgh


Jupiter Art Land

The Juniors went to Jupiter Art Land on the 26th, 27th, and 28th May.

What a time they had…….

Life Mounds –


The Firmament –

Suck The Neck –


Harry’s amazing recreation of ‘Suck the Neck’… Continue reading →

Yogi Toes in the Garden

Here we are enjoying ourselves in the garden practicing our yoga moves.

You will be able to spot the card at the end of my mat that explains which position I have to try 🙂


Art Gallery

Spring has arrived and these creative artists have designed and produced a new variety of named flower.

Very impressive results for children who are 3 years old.

By Morgan, Bea, Sophie and Jessica





Forest Schools

Thought you might like to see some Forest Schools activities….

Passing the stick across an imaginary river which is developing good problem solving skills and team work…..



Later building the highest tower with sticks a given length… Continue reading →