Peekaboo Nursery and Childcare Edinburgh

You Know Your Kid’s Special…

And we know it too. So at Peek-a-boo Nursery in Edinburgh, we make sure we get to know them properly and design an individual care plan just for your child. We take care of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, and with tons of fun activities to challenge and stimulate their development, you’ll be amazed what they get up to.

So if they’re sometimes reluctant to leave, please don’t take it personally! We also promise to keep you updated with detailed records of their progress, so you can see at a glance how well they’re doing and you don’t miss a thing.



We adore babies at Peek-a-boo Nursery.

Infants from 6 weeks on are welcome, and we have all the equipment and facilities to give them the special care and attention they need. We encourage parents to spend as much time as they wish with us.

Our baby rooms are clean, bright, warm and welcoming, full of stimulating toys and activities to help your baby learn and grow.


Our Tiny Tots are brilliant!

So they deserve brilliant play rooms to match. Designed with flexibility in mind, we offer an amazing range of activities to keep toddlers safe, busy and fully engaged:

  • * Art & Crafts

  • * Music, role-playing and dance

  • * Construction, play dough & clay modelling

  • * Games & toys

  • * Water & sand play

As you can see, there’s never a dull moment at Peek-a-boo, and we include plenty of outdoor activities on a daily basis. It’s a messy job and we LOVE it!


Childhood isn’t a race…

Everyone is different, so we make sure each child receives all the support and encouragement they need to grow and develop at their own pace.

We believe it’s easier to learn new things when you’re enjoying yourself, so we make learning fun. Our Pre-School Stage offers an exciting range of subjects and activities. Structured learning and the support of our experienced staff ensure your child’s time with us is both enjoyable and productive.

At Peek-a-boo, you can be certain that your child is benefiting from the best possible pre-school education in preparation for school.