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Early Learning & Childcare Funding for 3 and 4 year olds – 2015/2016



Early Learning & Childcare Funding for 3 and 4 year olds – 2015/2016



Eligibility for Funding


Date of birth falls between
Eligible from
1 March 2012 31 August 2012
August 2015 (Autumn Term)
1 September 2012 31 December 2012
January 2016 (Spring Term)
1 January 2013 28 February 2013
April 2016 (Summer Term)


NB – Children born between March and 31st August 2013 are NOT eligible for funding until August 2016


Each eligible child is entitled to receive a maximum of 600 hours funding per year – the total funding available is £2,100.


The maximum number of hours that can be funded in a week is 16. The minimum funded hours per day is 3hrs 10min and the maximum funded hours per day is 8 hours.


The funding period starts on 17th August 2015 – if a child starts after that date, funding will be pro rata. Likewise, if a child attends for less than 16 hours in a week, funding will be pro rata.



Children born between 17/8/10 and 28/2/11 who have been granted delayed entry to primary school are also eligible to receive funding from the Autumn Term (August).


Please note, any children born between 17/8/10 and 31/12/10 that are resident outwith the City of Edinburgh Council area, will not be funded by Edinburgh but may be funded by their own authority. If you are unsure as to whether or not a deferral has been granted, please check with the Early Years team before applying for funding.



The funding rate set for 2015/16 is £3.50 per hour and children will be funded for up to 600 hours per year, divided into 3 termly payments as follows:


Children will be allowed up to 16 hours per week with a maximum number of hours each term


  • Autumn term (13/8/15 to 22/12/15) 266 hours      £931 – paid Nov/Dec


  • Spring term (6/1/15 to 28/3/16)            160 hours      £560 – paid Feb/Mar


  • Summer term (11/4/16 to 30/6/16 174 hours £609 – paid May/June



Where split placements are agreed with the Local Authority (LA) nursery, the LA sessions will take priority for funding. N.B. Some LA nurseries will not allocate less than the maximum hours (15h 50m per week) and children will not be funded in the Partner nursery where this is the case.

If your child also attends another nursery, it may be possible to share funding with them. However, both centres need to be in agreement with this. It is your responsibility to inform the nursery in advance if this is the case as your child’s funding will need to be altered accordingly.


Likewise, you must inform the nursery in advance if your child is changing sessions or will be leaving. This may require you to pay back funding previously allocated.


Funding is paid to the nursery three times per year.


Peekaboo refund parents directly into their bank account.


Payment Process


Payments will be made by the Council directly to the nursery once in each term.


Nurseries need to ensure that details of all eligible children are recorded accurately on the nursery management system otherwise payment cannot be processed. It is crucial that all contact addresses are kept updated so parents/carers must inform the nursery asap of any change.


Letters, containing details of the child’s funded placement and an authorisation code will be sent to home addresses before each payment period. If you move house at any time, please ensure your address details are updated in the nursery or you will miss out on funding. Parents/carers should check that the information is accurate and provide the nursery with details of the authorisation code for their child. This must be done within the timescale indicated in the letter – if not, payment of funding will be delayed.


Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated and is essential to ensure that it is successful.


If you have any questions regarding any aspect of early learning and childcare funding, contact your nursery in the first instance or email