Peekaboo Nursery and Childcare Edinburgh


Best Wishes

Hello Sally-Anne

As you know it was Ethan and Evie’s last day today and we all said our goodbye and huge thanks to your wonderful staff team.

When we got home the children and I were touched by the messages that some teachers had written to Evie and Ethan in their folders. Also Ethan was delighted with his visit from Miss Grant and good luck wishes. They both then took great delight in going through their folders for a good few hours after this and in doing so I was struck, again, by how motivated, imaginative and passionate your team are about their teaching and interaction with the children at the nursery.

I really just wanted to say that I feel you and your staff at Peek-a-boo provide children who attend the nursery with something very special, which is not always easy to find in the risk adverse culture that we live in today.

At the nursery all the teachers are interested in and care about all the children and really do know them. They cuddle, laugh, encourage and nurture them – they aren’t cautious about being ‘real’ and ‘human’ and I feel the children benefit so much from this genuine interaction – it teaches them about building trusting relationships now and for the future which is so vital to their emotional and social development.

I know that Evie and Ethan have grown and learnt so much from their time at Peek-a-boo and I feel very lucky that they have had this time to now support them in going forward to the next stage of life and learning.

Thank you again for all working so hard to make Peek-a-boo such a unique and fantastic environment for my children to have grown and learnt in,

We wish you all well for the future, Laura, John, Ethan and Evie